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UNS S15500

UNS S15500 Valves, UNS S15500 flanges, Pipe Fitting, Steel Pipe, Heat Exchanger and Reducer, Gasket, Tee, Pipe Fitting, Tube Plate, have all specifications. With many yeas production experience, strict control UNS S15500 chemical composition and UNS S15500 mechanical properties.

Production specification
Data center describes many of the common steel models, we can not determine the company's warehouse has all types of steel products inventory or raw materials.

Angle bar: 1mm to 1300mm
Steel Pipe: 1 - 1300mm, also can be customed.
Pipe fitting Size: 1/8 inch - 80 inch (DN6 - DN2000)
Flange Size: DN6 - DN2000
Lenth: Any lenth based on the customer's requirement.
Cr Ni
0.07 1.00 1.00 0.04 0.03 14.00-15.50 3.50-5.50
Mo Al Cu Nb Ti V Fe
    2.50-4.50 0.01-0.45     Margin
N Co Pb B Other    
Category  High alloy steel
Class High temperature corrosion Alloy steel
Type Austenitic standard
Common Names Chromium-Manganese-UNS S15500
Designations Execution standard: ASTM...UNS ...AISI..DIN EN... DIN SEW...ISO...JIS...NF...BS...GB...

Mechanical Properties


Properties  Conditions
T (°C) Treatment
Density (×1000 kg/m3) 7.8 25  
Poisson's Ratio 0.27-0.30 25  
Elastic Modulus (GPa) 190-210 25  
Tensile Strength (Mpa) 515 25 annealed (sheet, strip) more
Yield Strength (Mpa) 275
Elongation (%) 40 
Reduction in Area (%)   

Thermal Properties


Properties  Conditions
T (°C) Treatment
Thermal Expansion (10-6/ºC) 17.5 0-100 more  
Thermal Conductivity (W/m-K) 16.2 100 more  
Specific Heat (J/kg-K) 500 0-100   

Electric Properties


Properties  Conditions
T (°C) Treatment
Electric Resistivity (10-9W-m) 690 25  

UNS S15500 stainless steel name: precipitation sclerosis stainless steel standard: AISI, ASTM type: UNS S15500 UNS Numbers: S15500 "UNS S15500 characteristics and application: UNS S15500 is hardened martensitic stainless steel precipitation, processing manufaturability and the mechanical performance, resistance to general corrosive environment, good strength, toughness, hardness and transverse ductility and corrosion resistance and 304 stainless steel. UNS S15500 may be used to solve or heat treatment conditions for the treatment of various performance. In all can reach under the condition of processing, however, in H1150M this condition can have the best service life. Areas of application: aerospace, aircraft parts and components manufacturing high pressure valve and corrosive environment, groove, fasteners, equipment and equipment. "UNS S15500 chemical composition (1) : carbon C: more than 0.07 Mn Mn: more than 1.00 silicon Si: more than 1.00 chromium Cr: 14.0 ~ 15.5 Ni Ni (2) : 3.5 ~ 5.5 P P: more than 0.04 sulfur S: 0.03 or copper Cu: 2.5 ~ 4.5 niobium + tantalum Nb + Ta: 0.15 ~ 0.45 note: (1) a single numerical unless otherwise stated, all is high; (2) used in some of the process, some models austenitic stainless steel contain nickel content just above table must be shown in numerical; (3) optional; (4) the highest including TA content is 0.10%; (5) the highest content is 0.75%; 6 the highest content is 0.70%tion base
High temperature alloy refers to iron, nickel, cobalt as base, can in the 600-1200 ℃ high temperature and must stress under the action of a kind of metal materials long-term work; And it has higher temperature strength, good resistance to oxidation and corrosion resistance, good fatigue performance, the fracture toughness, and other comprehensive performance. High temperature alloy for a single austenitic organization, in all kinds of temperature has good stability and reliability of the organizations use, based on these properties, and high temperature alloy alloying degree is higher, also called "super alloys", it is widely used in aviation, spaceflight, petroleum, chemical industry, ships is a kind of important material. According to the matrix element to points, high temperature alloy and divided into iron base, nickel and cobalt base, high temperature alloy etc. Iron base high temperature alloy using temperature normally only up to 750 ~ 780 ℃, in the higher temperature of the heat used parts, used the nickel and refractory metal based

1;High temperature alloy with high temperature strength.
2;Good resistance to oxidation and corrosion resistance performance.
3;Good fatigue performance, the fracture toughness, plastic.
Organizational characteristics:
High temperature alloy for a single (austenitic) matrix organization, in all kinds of temperature has good stability and reliability of the organization to use.
High temperature alloy quality requirements:
External quality: external contour shape, size accuracy, the surface defect cleaning method.
Internal quality: chemical composition, structure, mechanical and physical and chemical properties.
Mechanical properties: room temperature and high temperature tensile properties and impact toughness, high temperature lasting several creep properties, hardness and high weeks and weeks, creep, fatigue performance under the mutual action of fatigue and the mechanical properties, thermal and corrosion resistance to oxidation.

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