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Concentric Reducer

Concentric Reducers are used to join pipe or tube sections on the same axis. They provide an in-line conical transition between pressurized pipes of differing diameters. A pipe reducer can be a single diameter change or a multiple diameter change. The pipes cannot recognize what the outside configuration of the pipe reducer looks like.

How to take measurements of concentric reducers?
Get the measurements of outer diameter (OD) and inner diameter (ID) , height (H), and the total dimension (T1, T2).
Uses of concentric reducers:
Some uses of concentric reducers are as follows:

  • Concentric reducers will transition gracefully between the piping and the pump.
  • The concentric reducers help in transporting slurries or abrasive liquids.
  • They are useful in services where cavitation is present.
  • When transporting between flanges or pipes of different ratings and wear protection is necessary, concentric reducers are ideal.
  • Concentric reducers are used in discharge of the pump.
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